Why 1817?

1817 is the year Mississippi became a state. We both wanted to give a subtle nod to our local roots.

Where are you guys located?

Our brewing facility is in Okolona, Mississippi, but we are in the process of preparing to move to our new, larger facility in the Mill Village area of Tupelo, Mississippi. We hope to have the move completed by Spring/Early Summer of 2017.

how long have you guys been in business?

We started operations in our Okolona facility in Fall of 2015.

How many beers do you guys make?

While we have a number of recipes in various stages of development, we're focusing on keeping five recipes in full production at any given time. Some, like our IPA, will be produced year-round, while others, like our Hefe-Wheat, are available seasonally. We also have a couple of small, limited-run specialty batches aging in our fermentation room, but the details of those are still secret 😉

See our products drop-down menu (at the top of the page) for more info on specific beers.

Do you guys do bottles and/or cans?

Right now, we only do kegs, but we have plans in the works to do both bottles and cans in the future.

Where can i find your beers?

Check out our venues page for up-to-date information on which beers are currently being sold in which locations.

How can I get a tour of the brewery?

At present, we're so busy scaling up production that we're not doing tours. We hope to start offering tours at some point in the future, but for now we want to stay 100% focused on production. When we do, however, our followers on social media will be the first to know!

Do you guys ever plan on doing a 'lite beer'?

Hahaha NO.

Were any dolphins harmed in the making of your beer?

We proudly guarantee that all of our beers are 100% dolphin-free.